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Since 1982, Diacut has been producing custom precision wheels and blades for myriad industries around the world. Focused on crafting each product for reliable quality and consistent performance, the Diacut Thinwheel team is dedicated to offering superb customer responsiveness with unmatched product turnaround for our grinding wheels and cutting, slotting, slicing and dicing blades.

diamond or CBN superabrasives

Superabrasives is a term used to describe Diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride). Diamond is the hardest substance on the Knoop Hardness Scale and the only abrasive capable of grinding ultra-hard materials. Cubic Boron Nitride is man-made and second only to diamond in hardness. They can both produce outstanding results for specific applications and materials when properly applied. Although CBN and Diamond are both superabrasives, the areas of use vary considerably by material. In general, Diamond is used to grind nonferrous materials, while CBN is used to grind ferrous materials.

Alumina (Ceramic) • Carbide • Crystals • Ferrite • Glass • Graphite • Quartz • Sapphire

Aerospace Alloys • Die Steel • Hard, Ferrous Materials (Over 55 Rockwell C) • High Speed Steel • Inconel • Special Alloys • Stainless Steel • Tool Steel

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