THINWHEEL™ with reusable mandrel

thinwheel with reusable mandrel

Diacut Thinwheels™ used in conjunction with a mandrel are used to grind OD and ID slots on surface grinding machines using a collet adapter, ID grinders, jig grinders, and high speed grinding attachments on lathes and milling machines. The standard shank diameter for the mandrels are 6mm (50mm long), 10mm (75mm long), 1/4″ (2″ long) or 3/8″ (3″ long). They have a mounted back flange and a removable front flange, which are available in various diameters to allow for the appropriate amount of wheel exposure. The mandrel allows you to hold Diacut’s Thinwheel, manufactured in solid diamond or CBN, in thickness from .004″ to .250″ in increments of .001″ or fraction thereof. The Thinwheel is available in diameters of 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 2″.


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Diacut product type desired • super-abrasive type • outside diameter • thickness • inside diameter • grit size: (micron/mesh) • concentration • thickness tolerance • material to be cut • coolant requirement • type of coolant